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Twitter: (Lobsticles): 2hrs later – no browser. Will call Sprint AGAIN to make sure the plan was provisioned correctly.

Twitter: (knighthawk): Waiting for the Sprint fairies to activate my new phone.
Twitter: (trickjarrett): 3 redirects by Sprint tech support to get a ticket number for a phone replacement in the local sprint store. 12 minutes of my life gone.

Twitter: (kberly): I hate sprint!

Twitter: (gabopagan): Sprint is stupid sometimes

Twitter: (howwastheshow): What’s all this about slow internet? My Sprint Mobile Broadband was horrible for a while there, but Comcast Cable at home seems okay now.

Twitter: (FrankVanRad): @cvalenti Congrats, the mogul rocks. Sprint customer support is balls though.

Twitter: (creepycat): been screwed over by incompetence at sprint AGAIN.  i love this game.  is there a prize for the most hours wasted complaining bout phone?


Sprint PCS: Who Smells The Stink?
Oct 19 ’03 (Updated Oct 20 ’03)


Local Coverage:
Plan Flexibility:
Customer Service:



Long hold times, bad customer service, no interest in customer retention.

The Bottom Line
There is better on the market: Better customer service, better plans, and better coverage. Why choose Sprint PCS when you can get better? 

I have experienced nothing but mistake after mistake after mistake. My phone bill that was supposed to be different once I signed up with the “Fair and Flexible plan” was supposed to be 59.99, funny……my bill for one month is 117.00 this is after only 32 of my anytime minutes were used and no internet or downloading has taken place.
So how did they come up with this ridiculous figure. I know, it must be those luxury taxes. Then when you call customer service you are supposed to enter your mobile ph# and the last 4 digits of your ss#. Great, verification accepted, then the phone disconnects your call. Some very sneaky, scheisty and scheming people are working at Sprint, I would love to get to the bottom of this!!!

Reece –

I hate Sprint

I have just wasted over an hour of my life on the phone with Sprint, because they’re stupid…

See, in September of 2003, Mrs. Praxxus and I were getting ready to leave California for the new job in Indiana. I had a Sprint phone already, but it had . . . uh . . . succumbed to the lure of gravity a few times too many and was on its last leg. I was very much of the, “Eh, it works,” mindset, but Mrs. P. was worried about making a trans-continental caravan with only 1½ working cell phones. So the week we were leaving for Indiana she bought me a spiffy new Sprint phone, that was just like hers.

Yay! Twinkie phones!

We made the trip to Indiana okay, and with the whole new house/new job/new town thing kept our California phone numbers until January of 2004. That’s where the problem starts. The current cell phone has . . . uh . . . succumbed to the lure of gravity a few times too many and is on its last leg. I need a new phone sooner, rather than later.

“Luckily,” Sprint has a nice upgrade policy where you can get a $150 instant rebate on a new phone if you’ve had your current phone for two years and you re-up your service contract. Great! I go on-line, punch in my cell number and billing ZIP code, and see that I’m eligible for . . . the $75 rebate. I will be eligible for the $150 rebate in January. If this were just a matter of me wanting a new toy, that might work. Unfortunately the display is starting to go out on my phone, which makes it really  hard to cycle through the phone book and find phone numbers.

So I call Sprint. They look things up. They tell me that I last changed phone numbers in January of 2004, so I am eligible for my $150 rebate in January of 2006. Then we went through no less than five iterations of:

“But I bought the phone before that. You said the rebate was determined by how long I’d had the actual phone.”

“Yes sir, that is correct. Our records show that you first activated the phone in September of 2003, and changed your phone number in January of 2004. That is why you are only eligible for the $75 rebate at this time.”

“But you just said I’ve had the phone since September of 2003.”

“Yes sir, but you got the new phone number in January of 2004.”

Aaaagh! Keep in mind that these go-rounds were interspersed with long periods of time on hold, so that the customer “service” representative could look things up, talk to a manager, and no doubt badmouth me to her coworkers.

So after 35 minutes of this, they put a note in my account information, so that when I go into a SprintPCS store they can look it up and see that I am indeed eligible for the $150 rebate. However, it doesn’t show up in their on-line form.



Sprint: Please Keep Paying Your Dead Father’s Cellphone Bill

Sprint wants Tracey Stewart to keep paying her dead father’s cellphone bill. Sprint is not completely heartless: they offered to cut his monthly rate to $10 until the contract expires in September. more »
10:45 AM ON SAT JAN 5 2008
10,729 views 36 comments

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Sprint Solves Krystyl’s $14,062.27 Phone Bill Mystery

Krystl and Sprint tell us that the cellphone provider has seen the error of its ways and decided that Krystl no longer owes them over fourteen thousand dollars:“They dropped all the charges and had told me that the person who had initially signed me up for sprint was supposed to put me on the new EVDO technology system at which they didn’t.” more »
4:17 PM ON FRI JAN 4 2008
8,050 views 18 comments

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Top Posts Of The Week

JetBlue Flight Attendant Takes Revenge On Passenger Who Asked Her To Stop Speaking Loudly
“As I left the plane, I saw airport security interrogating the woman as her freaked-out children watched. That image is still bothering me.”

Walmart: Santa Brings A MP3 Player Full Of Porn To A 10-Year-Old Girl
“The Hills want to know why Wal-Mart would sell used merchandise as new in the first place, which is in violation of its own policies.”

82-Year-Old Woman Sues Chase To Recover Life Savings
“Chase is refusing to honor a cashiers check for $19.700.22…she was told that the check expired after five years, and that her life savings now belonged to the state.”

Sprint’s Special Low Price For One Month Of Mobile Broadband: $14,062.27
“Krystyl signed up for Sprint’s $59.99 unlimited Mobile Broadband plan and isn’t sure why she just received a bill for $14,062.27.”

Capital One Pockets Traveler’s $6000, Ruins Vacation
“As a consequence, he’s “pre-paid” $6,000 onto a Capital One card that has been red-flagged and frozen, and Capital One refuses to budge…”

8:33 AM ON FRI JAN 4 2008

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happy endings

Sprint Gives Itself The Runaround

Reader Rob tells us that the CSRs manning the Sprint Consumerist Hotline get the same runaround you do when they try to talk to other departments of their own company. more »
2:33 PM ON THU JAN 3 2008
3,466 views 13 comments

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Sprint’s Special Low Price For One Month Of Mobile Broadband: $14,062.27

Krystyl signed up for Sprint’s $59.99 unlimited Mobile Broadband plan and isn’t sure why she just received a bill for $14,062.27. more »

1:00 PM ON SUN DEC 30 2007
50,170 views 51 comments

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happy endings

Another Reader Escapes Sprint With No ETF

Reader Jordan writes:

I recently read this story.

more »

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success stories

I Escaped Sprint Without Early Termination Fee And Lived To Tell The Tale

A Consumerist reader reports his success with escaping Sprint without paying an early termination fee by calling the Sprint Consumerist Executive Help Line (703-433-4401), who were the only people who didn’t give him a line of bull when he called. He argued that the new fees Sprints was imposing were a material change of contract (see “Sprint Mails Customers A “Get Out Of Sprint Free” Card“) and thus voided his agreement so he could now switch carriers and port his number without penalty.

Jeff writes: “I called Sprint and spoke with a customer care rep. I was advise that the increase in fee’s was government regulated event hough it states on the post card I got that “these charges are not taxes and are not amounts we are required to collect from you…”

more »

4:43 PM ON FRI DEC 21 2007
8,444 views 32 comments

Latest by sarahsaysso: I just called Sprint to cancel after reading this article and reading the sprintusers & howardforum info. Thank God for this information. I have been with this company since 1999 and I have HATED their customer service. Why can’t I more »

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Sprint to pay $52.2M in back taxes to several towns in Missouri. [CNNMoney]

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call centers

What’s Wrong With Sprint’s Customer Service? We’ll Tell Ya.

Sprint has a new CEO, and, you know, it’s a tough job being “the new guy” and being charged with turning around a poorly performing company. So we thought we’d give Dan Hesse a hand and tell him what’s wrong with their phone-based customer service, seen as being one of their major weaknesses. We asked our readers for their thoughts and they had lots of neat ideas why Sprint customer service sucks. Some of them even have worked on the call center side of Sprint; their insights are especially revealing/frightening… more »
7:39 PM ON WED DEC 19 2007
9,019 views 44 comments

Latest by Andy_In_SanDiego: I have been with Sprint since May of 2007. Previously I was with Verizon for about 3 years. I was very satisfied with the support of calling Verizon, however I wanted better reception and mobile-2-mobile (most of my more »

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customer service

Sprint Fixes Only 53% Of Problems On First Call

Sprint customer service reps can only fix 53% of of customer problems on the first call, according to an internal company document viewed by the WSJ. In contrast, T-Mobile has a 71% first-call fix rate, despite Sprint having nearly triple the amount of CSRs. That is really bad. Why is Sprint’s customer service so bad? Do they just hire incompetent people? Are they too focused on metrics, where the most important thing is that they spend the least amount of time on a call as possible? Are the reps underpaid? What, oh, what, is at the root of this customer service conundrum?

Sprint Names Hesse President, CEO [WSJ](Thanks to TsarBomba!)
(Photo: sun dazed)

2:43 PM ON TUE DEC 18 2007
1,957 views 33 comments

Latest by branddnpsych: Well to give you an example of one location in Victoria, Texas. Sprint has outsourced its customer service to a company Cap Gemini I believe, who in turn outsourced to a third company called spherion. You can see already the more »

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Sprint Names New CEO

Sprint named Dan Hesse as its new CEO, replacing Gary Forsee who was effectively fired in October. Dan used to be the CEO of Embarq, which was formerly Sprint’s local telephone division. 1997-200 he was the CEO of AT&T wireless for 3 years and worked there for a total of 23 years. He left that job to join a Seattle tech startup,Terabeam, which made free-space optical transceivers for Internet access in city downtowns. So the dude is has got some chops. Will his combination of experience and innovation be just what Sprint needs to staunch its subscriber base hemorrhaging? According to this Bloomberg article, Hesse helped slow profit bleeding at Embarq by closing call centers and creating service packages. In Sprint’s case, however, he needs to open more call centers. We shall see.

Sprint Names Hesse to Replace Forsee After Defections [Bloomberg]

1:44 PM ON TUE DEC 18 2007
506 views 13 comments

Latest by tmbg47: Anyone else think he looks a lot like Alan Colmes? Colmes image for reference (here’s hoping I can put tags in these things) more »

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Sprint cuts a deal to make surfing MySpace via your phone easier. Oh joy. [Reuters]

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Mention coupon code MORE4U on your next Sprint phone purchase and get $25 off.

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Sprint Mails Customers A “Get Out Of Sprint Free” Card

Sprint has mailed postcards to its customers saying that, beginning January 1st, it will stop charging so-called “recovery” fees and create new fees to replace (or possibly exceed) them. Sprint customers are now asking themselves whether or not this is a change to the Terms & Conditions—if so, then they should be able to cancel their contracts without paying an ETF, or early termination fee. more »
9:15 PM ON TUE DEC 11 2007
29,546 views 83 comments

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customer service

Two Tales Of Sprint’s Executive Customer Service

Awhile back, Sprint got tired of us posting the contact information for everyone in the company, and instead set up a number that went directly to the executive customer service queue. Lately we’ve been getting quite a few positive stories about the hotline, as well as one negative experience. more »
2:16 PM ON MON DEC 10 2007
5,665 views 38 comments

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Sprint Hotline Success Story: “I was excited when I read about the Sprint SERO plan and how it was open to everyone on The only problem was that I already had Sprint, but I was out of contract. I signed up for a new phone and plan on the SERO website. They ended up adding a new line of service and billing me 449.00 for the phone. I returned the phone, got another phone and things snowballed from there. I have spent HOURS trying to get my bill adjusted. I have been in total SPRINT HELL for the past 3 months. At one point, my 50.00 monthly plan turned into 1100.00 (with multiple phones, late fees etc.) I spent 2 hours on the phone and went through 2 supervisors before my bill was corrected, or so I thought. Two weeks later a 300.00 charge was put on my bill I was told that one of the phones I had returned they had issued a credit for had not been received, even though I had in fact returned the handset! WHAT?! Needless to say my phone service was cut off when I did not pay the 300.00+ bill. Then I saw the posting for the sprint hotline. After 30 mins on the phone with a very pleasant agent, my bill now reflects a credit balance of 16.00!! Thanks Consumerist!” The Sprint Consumerist Hotline: (703-433-4401)

The Consumerist

I have been with Sprint for 6 years, against my will.  Somehow they seem to rope me in every time the end is in sight.  In addition, there partnership with Assurian Insurance complicates matters tenfold.  I have never had a good experience with their customer service, and have yet to hear a positive remark directed towards them.  Therefore, I have created this blog for an outlet of my pent-up frustration.