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Twitter: (Lobsticles): 2hrs later – no browser. Will call Sprint AGAIN to make sure the plan was provisioned correctly.

Twitter: (knighthawk): Waiting for the Sprint fairies to activate my new phone.
Twitter: (trickjarrett): 3 redirects by Sprint tech support to get a ticket number for a phone replacement in the local sprint store. 12 minutes of my life gone.

Twitter: (kberly): I hate sprint!

Twitter: (gabopagan): Sprint is stupid sometimes

Twitter: (howwastheshow): What’s all this about slow internet? My Sprint Mobile Broadband was horrible for a while there, but Comcast Cable at home seems okay now.

Twitter: (FrankVanRad): @cvalenti Congrats, the mogul rocks. Sprint customer support is balls though.

Twitter: (creepycat): been screwed over by incompetence at sprint AGAIN.  i love this game.  is there a prize for the most hours wasted complaining bout phone?


I have experienced nothing but mistake after mistake after mistake. My phone bill that was supposed to be different once I signed up with the “Fair and Flexible plan” was supposed to be 59.99, funny……my bill for one month is 117.00 this is after only 32 of my anytime minutes were used and no internet or downloading has taken place.
So how did they come up with this ridiculous figure. I know, it must be those luxury taxes. Then when you call customer service you are supposed to enter your mobile ph# and the last 4 digits of your ss#. Great, verification accepted, then the phone disconnects your call. Some very sneaky, scheisty and scheming people are working at Sprint, I would love to get to the bottom of this!!!

Reece –

I have been with Sprint for 6 years, against my will.  Somehow they seem to rope me in every time the end is in sight.  In addition, there partnership with Assurian Insurance complicates matters tenfold.  I have never had a good experience with their customer service, and have yet to hear a positive remark directed towards them.  Therefore, I have created this blog for an outlet of my pent-up frustration.