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Tag Archives: twitterverse

Twitter: (Lobsticles): 2hrs later – no browser. Will call Sprint AGAIN to make sure the plan was provisioned correctly.

Twitter: (knighthawk): Waiting for the Sprint fairies to activate my new phone.
Twitter: (trickjarrett): 3 redirects by Sprint tech support to get a ticket number for a phone replacement in the local sprint store. 12 minutes of my life gone.

Twitter: (kberly): I hate sprint!

Twitter: (gabopagan): Sprint is stupid sometimes

Twitter: (howwastheshow): What’s all this about slow internet? My Sprint Mobile Broadband was horrible for a while there, but Comcast Cable at home seems okay now.

Twitter: (FrankVanRad): @cvalenti Congrats, the mogul rocks. Sprint customer support is balls though.

Twitter: (creepycat): been screwed over by incompetence at sprint AGAIN.  i love this game.  is there a prize for the most hours wasted complaining bout phone?